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We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and find the content both interesting and useful.  We make our website accessible for use on the following basis:

  • All images, logos and content on the website are the copyright of Spearing Waite LLP and all rights regarding downloading or reproducing any of the same are reserved.
  • Some items are made available for download or onward transmission by e-mail.  Where this is the case, these items may be downloaded or forwarded by e-mail for personal (i.e. non-commercial) use but if distributed, must be distributed in their entirety including any copyright information or credits included in the original item.
  • We regularly post legal advisory articles and guides.  The information contained in them is intended to provide a helpful overview based on the law in England and Wales at the time that the material is published, but is not case specific and therefore, such material is not to be relied on as being directly applicable to any particular situation.  If you require advice, please contact the appropriate team and we will ensure that you are given the right advice that is specific to your situation.
  • You must comply with all laws applicable to the use of our website when visiting our website.
  • We use every endeavour to ensure that our website is free from computer viruses and malware.  However, we can accept no responsibility for any computer viruses or malware uploaded maliciously to our website and use of this website is at your sole risk.
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