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One HUNdred and EIGHTY!

Our 2011/2012 season kicked off in fantastic style with a Games Night held on 2 November at Club 147 in the city centre.

The night saw teams of local professionals competing against each other in classic pub games, including pool, darts and table football. As is often the case, the friendly banter soon turned into bitter rivalry and we certainly witnessed a fierce competitive streak in some!

There were impressive performances – particularly from the “sharks” on the pool table. Not everyone had a natural flare for the games though and by the end of the evening, most people were avoiding the darts area like the plague for fear of losing an eye!

The fun and games were complemented by a delicious curry buffet and a few cheeky drinks – oh, and of course, some networking!

Although it was a close call – the winning team of the evening was made up of Geoff Pitts, Jinal Sachdev, Steve Plant and our very own Jodie Clarke. The champions each got a £20 Highcross voucher to celebrate in style.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who attended and made the night such a success.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event – the world famous Pub Quiz! This event will take place on Thursday 2 February 2012 at Fat Cats in Leicester.

Get swotting!

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