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City Slickers

City Slickers 2011/2012

When I say “pub”, you say “quiz”…

We continued the City Slickers’ 2011/2012 season with our annual Pub Quiz on Thursday 2 February at Fat Cats Café in Leicester City Centre.

The popular event was well attended by local professionals who were split into teams and quizzed on classic topics (such as Film and Sport) and more unusual topics (like Flags of the World and Who Said What?)

The Flags of the World round scuppered quite a few people – it seems the three colour combination of blue, white and red caused quite a lot of confusion!

As always, the competition between teams was fierce. We’d like to hope that no-one succumbed to an “under-the-table” Google search on their smart-phone…but judging by some of the scores, we are not so sure. Come on – who actually knew who said “Happy Father’s Day dad, this one’s for you!” in 2011?

The teams were treated to some classic pub-grub in between the quiz rounds and there was plenty of time for an obligatory bit of networking too.

The winning team went home with Highcross vouchers and a smile on their faces. The losing team had to make do with wooden spoons. There’s always next year guys!

Details of our next event will be circulated shortly. We have a fantastic summer sizzler in store!

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