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City Slickers

City Slickers James Bond Night

The name’s Bond…James Bond…

As the sky fell in to a cold first of November evening over the streets of Leicester, we kicked off the City Slickers 2012/13 season in style with a private screening of the highly anticipated latest instalment in the Bond series. The release of Skyfall marks 50 years since the first Bond film and has been dubbed the best yet, presenting the perfect opportunity for an evening of entertainment.

The screening was held at Leicester’s Showcase Cinema De Lux, with a champagne reception taking place beforehand in the cinema’s Studio One bar. Guests were presented with Bento Boxes full of goodies to munch on during the film.

The event was well attended by local professionals, with Berkeley Burke Wealth Management very kindly sponsoring. Before the show, John Kelly of Berkeley Burke gave a short presentation, seamlessly weaving in a handful of subtle and not-so-subtle Bond references for the guests to count up in a bid to win a bottle of champagne.  The lucky winner was Martin Andrews of GHC Capital Markets.

Whether you were entranced by the beauty of the Bond girls, enthralled by the action of the car chases or captivated by the countless shots of a shirtless Daniel Craig, the film provided something for everyone. There will definitely be a few going back for a repeat viewing!

Details of our next event will be circulated soon. It’s going to be a spicy one…

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