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City Slickers

Let’s get Quizzical!

The latest event in this year’s City Slickers calendar saw the professionals of Leicester descend on the Banker’s Club bar on Friar Lane for a fun filled evening of quizzing, curry and chicken burgers.

The event was kindly sponsored by Cambridge and Counties Bank, whose marketing materials even gave inspiration for team names (“Ooo these mints are nice” being inspired by the complimentary mint boxes bearing the sponsor’s logo).

Guests were forced to delve into the depths of obscure knowledge to answer such questions as “What is the name of the first motorway pub, which opened last week?” (The Hope and Champion, apparently). During the evening Spearing Waite’s very own Simon and Garfunkel (or is it Laurel and Hardy?! It’s actually Gary and James) took to the stage to ‘sing’ the music round (which to be fair, they didn’t have much choice in, due to the previous year’s quizmasters setting the expectation by doing the same). Luckily Gary and James pulled it off without suffering a diva moment or smashing glasses and the majority of teams managed to recognise the tunes (quite how anyone managed to get the Lady Gaga one right is surprising though).

At the end of the rounds, the scores were tallied, and each member of the winning team was presented with a Highcross voucher each. In the spirit of tradition the losing team was presented with the fabled wooden spoon.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who attended and made the night such a success.

Stay posted for our next event. Further details will follow at a later date.

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