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City Slickers

City Slickers Ale Trail sponsored by Greyfriars Asset Management LLP

City Slickers returned on 17th October with the ‘Ale Trail’.  A night of beer, fun, beer, games, beer and beer. There was also some beer.

Forty plus attendees convened in the Rutland and Derby at 6pm for some food, networking and a ‘warm up pint’ before it was time to head for the door.  Our guests were split into six teams. Three teams headed to The Globe for beer and Pictionary, hosted by the inimitable Tom Charnley, whilst the other three headed to The Pub for beer and a quiz hosted by the witty and attractive Gary Pitt (who had no hand in writing this article).  Teams then swapped venue and activity after an hour.

Whilst the Pictionary round began with an abundance of aspiring Van Goghs and  Picassos, it soon became evident that contestants found drawing ‘coal mine’ and ‘marble’ significantly more challenging than anticipated.

It is amazing how difficult people who, three pints deep, fail to identify a simple ‘banana’. You could only imagine the suggestions that were shouted out!

Meanwhile, over at The Pub, Gary was making full use of the microphone, charming the regular pub patrons with questions, jokes, ‘witty’ observations and just the odd pun here or there.  The jokes were bad, but people just had to grin and beer it.  The landlady was starting to regret giving him the microphone, in fact, she was be-cider self.

The quiz however was a real challenger (especially after sampling some of the fine produce The Pub had to offer).  It had thrills, spills (mainly beer) and controversy, and a fine evening was had by all. It really was a barrel of laughs.

After this, all teams decamped to The Queen of Bradgate. Some teams didn’t fancy the walk, one even suggested ale-ing a cab, but soon everyone was in the final venue.  Anyway, Jenga was the name of the game. Soon towers to rival the Shard had been constructed on wobbly pub tables, and the lawyers present were wondering if a disclaimer would have been a good idea. Ultimately though, it all came crashing down. Scores were assembled, checked, double checked, and the prestigious ‘Ale Trail Trophy’ was presented to the victorious team. However, due to its 2 dimensional design it could not be filled with a celebratory lemonade.

The City Slickers committee would like to thank everyone who attended, The Rutland and Derby, The Globe, The Pub and The Queen of Bradgate for being so accommodating and Greyfriars Asset Management LLP for kindly sponsoring the event.

City Slickers will be back in the New Year with the annual quiz. We hope to see you there!

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