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Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Confidentiality

Since first being enshrined in statute in 1984, Data Protection has developed rapidly as a legal discipline, probably with more change to come – depending on the terms of Brexit - in the form of the EU Data Protection Directive.

At the same time, enforcement of the rules by regulators is becoming ever stricter and more assiduous. There have been numerous high-profile cases in recent times.

We can advise you on how to manage personal data effectively and in accordance with the law whilst at the same time deriving valuable use from it for the benefit of your business.

Our experience enables us to meet all your data protection requirements, including the following:-

  • Drafting an effective and legally-compliant Data Protection policy
  • Data Protection audits
  • Processing of personal data overseas, and especially outside the EEA
  • Dealing with subject access requests
  • The use of and dealing in customer databases

We can also advise you on how to respond to, or make, a Freedom of Information request.

The importance of protecting your business information generally cannot be understated. Most confidential business information does not have the benefit of automatic protection by law, and the implications for your business of valuable information falling into the hands of others who are then free to use it for their own purposes are clear. You can guard against this by the use of simple, standard form confidentiality agreements which impose contractual obligations on those to whom you need to disclose business information to keep the information confidential and place restrictions on the purposes for which it can be used. We can usually provide these documents, accompanied by clear and thorough advice on how to use them, for a competitive fixed fee, and this represents a sound investment for the protection of your business.

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