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Research and Development

In today’s fiercely-competitive business world, the quest to find new products or improve existing ones in pursuit of greater market share is unrelenting. In many sectors of industry, including life sciences, food and drink, consume products and engineering but also many others, research and development has a fundamental role to play in the never-ending drive to retain customers and consumers and to attract new ones. At the same time, the stakes are high: effective R&D requires the investment of valuable and hard-won resources and the need to ensure that these are properly channelled and that maximum commercial advantage is extracted from R&D activity is ever-present.

In such an environment, one important way in which businesses can help to safeguard their interests is to obtain the right legal advice at the outset and ensure that their collaborative R&D relationships with co-developers, licensors and licensees and other outside bodies are properly documented using comprehensive and properly drafted contract documents.

This is where we can help. Our Commercial specialists are well versed in the skills needed to support you in this area and will provide you with reliable, practical and commercially-sound advice on all the things that you need to consider, including the following:-

  • Choice of legal structures for the collaboration
  • Protecting your intellectual property rights
  • Licensing in and out of technology and know-how
  • Ensuring that your development programme is properly structured with clear objectives
  • Funding of the development programme
  • Allocation of roles and responsibilities
  • Rights to exploit the fruits of the development programme
  • Moving from the development to the production phase

Whatever your role in the development process, we can take care of your needs.

For further information please contact:

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