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Joint ventures and shareholder arrangements

We fully appreciate the value that strategic alliances and joint ventures can offer. They give the opportunity for companies to access new markets, share market risk, develop joint IP and implement economies of scale and scope.

These alliances can take the form of a simple shareholders arrangements to complex multi-jurisdictional structures, with tax efficiency in mind. We advise on all forms of joint ventures, including equity joint ventures, strategic partnerships, limited and unlimited partnerships and contractual joint ventures. In addition, we advise on exit routes and termination procedures.

Having lawyers with a strong commercial approach, we are able to identify at the outset potential risks associated with a joint venture and provide equitable solutions to the risks.

Matters on which we advise include:

  • Deciding on the most appropriate form of JV structure
  • JV partners contributions and entitlements on exit/termination
  • Protecting each of the JV parties against risks that they face
  • Entry, exit and termination
  • M&A strategy of the JV structure
  • Regulatory matters
  • Resolution of deadlock and disputes
  • Share option schemes (including EMI, ESS, LTIPs and growth shares)


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