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Employment Contracts / Service Agreements

Employers are required by law to provide employees with written confirmation of their terms and conditions of employment.  However, employment contracts are not just a written record of the working arrangement in place between the parties.

Employment contracts, when drafted well and tailored to a specific person or role, protect employers and create legal rights which do not exist independently of the written document.  For example, in the absence of a contractual provision, employers cannot deduct salary overpayments from an employee’s pay without their consent.

Many disputes which arise during the course of an employment relationship (relating to issues such as pay, working time and holiday) can be “nipped in the bud” by robust employment contractual terms. 

We produce tailored employment contracts or where suitable, amend existing employment contracts, which ensure our clients are both compliant with their legal obligations and in the best possible position to avoid disputes later down the line.

Our employment lawyers also work closely with the Corporate Team and can produce fit for purpose Service Agreements as required.  We are also happy to assist in providing advice and assistance about contractual documents to start-up businesses and individuals.

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